Tevo Tornado - quick solution to first layer adhesion and avoid warping

1) measure around 300ml of water 
2) add sugar to it until it cant dissolve anymore (saturation) 
3) apply on the print bed 
4) heat up to 60degC for PLA 
5) use a brim for print model in slicer 
6) start print when dry 
7) adjust z-offset accordingly as extruder lays the first later 
8) tape down the brim after it is printed

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Tevo Tornado - Cactus Pot Holder Window Grill Mount

Original design using wood and metal brackets 


3D CAD model created in solidworks in two parts:
  • main black base for the pot to sit on
  • green edges around the sides to keep water in and accentuate the sides

Printed parts:

Final completed product:

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Tevo Tornado - experiment and learning curve on using supports with Simplify3D

This post documents the trials and tribulations on using of supports in the seemingly simple print of an eye wash cup.

Screen shots of Simplify3D on the infill, supports and other settings are here below:

Original model and download link here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1175978/#files

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Tevo Tornado - levelling knob

The original levelling knob may not be the easiest to reach and control during the adjustment.
There plenty models out there on Thingiverse, i have chosen the following: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2551220
Once the first one is printed and confirmed to fit the existing knob, print another 3 grouped close together to reduce nozzle travel across each unit. Depending on the slicer used, may even print them sequentially instead of concurrently.

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Tevo Tornado - filament spool holder

Spool holder printed to facilitate feeding of filament.
Once printed, will need additional bearings and hollow tube as shaft.
Bolt and nut on each end to secure with appropriate tightness.
Original model on Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2047554
The one printed is modified in Solidworks.

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