DIY Helping Hands for Soldering

Recycle your empty fish food container and put it to good use! From one hobby to another!

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Materials needed:
- empty fish food container
- stiff wires
- 4 self-tapping screws
- 4 washers
- 4 alligator clips

- cut the container into two
- twist 2 or more wires together and connect the two alligator clips at each end
- screw them onto the cut container!

- use metal alligator clips as this is for soldering! metallic ones grip onto the electrical components better and act as a heat sink as well, minimising the risk of you frying them if while applying solder heat.
- no need to drill any holes prior to screwing the wires onto the container! you just need to use abit of force intially

- you might wana add a magnifying glass or a fume extracter too! (hopefully i will make them too!)