Arduino / MATLAB - 4DOF with force sensing

Setup can be made to automatically sweep in X and Y direction or controlled manually using the GUI.

Last link is fitted with a force sensing resistor to detect obstacles. It is always perpendicular to the datum plane. On contact with obstacle (my hand in the video), it changes direction in the Z axis. The location of the obstacle is recorded and shown on the MATLAB GUI.

Resources: Seeeduino Mega1280, MATLAB, x4 Hitec servomotors and 1 force sensing resistor.

Prototype Setup


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Arduino / MATLAB - Servo Calibration

Interface between MATLAB and Arduino microcontroller to calibrate servo.
The Seeeduino Mega 1280 is used in this case.

Servo does not center accurately and extends beyond 180 degrees.
Identify error margin and apply correction in MATLAB

Resources used:

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Final Year Thesis - CFD and Prototype

Attachable walking skid to a propeller representation body.
Hydrodynamic characteristics of design justified with Solidworks Flow Simulation.
Prototype simulation carried out in Matlab.
Open source microcontroller used to interface with Matlab for prototype control.
Servos are off the shelve hobby servos modified to be waterproof (total 22 servos).

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Arduino Servo Pan/Tilt - dual mode control with joystick

1x Arduino Duemilanovue
2x 3.7V Lithium polymer batteries in parallel
2x HiTEC HS-485 servos
1x Playstation 2 style analog joystick
1x yellow LED

Setup overview:

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DIY Pegboard with Acrylic Cover

Step 1: Find a sturdy piece of material (eg. plywood, styrofoam, etc.)

Step 2: Drill evenly spaced holes

Step 3: Create the pegs from wires as shown

Step 4: Tape the end of the peg to the back of the board to secure it

Step 5:Add panels of acrylic sheet by using brackets and hinges

Step 6: Put in the tools 


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Arduino Robot - Quadruped - body kinematics tests

This is a quadruped robot in prototyping using seeeduino mega, 12 HXT900 hobby micro servos, 3.7V lipo battery. Materials used are all plywood secured with small bolts and nuts. Programmed with Processing and Arduino IDE.

The first clip shows the horizontal movement of the body and the corresponding reaction angles of the legs.

The second clip includes both the horizontal and vertical movement of the body and the corresponding reaction angles of the legs.

3.7V lipo battery is used to power the servos and the seeeduino mega runs off the power from USB.

Will be working on the walking gait soon.. when i have time..

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Arduino / Processing ADXL330 accelerometer

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Also available on

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MATLAB/Simulink - Simple Pendulum

Pendulum's equation of motion done in Simulink using ode45 solver. Calculated angle and corresponding x and y coordinates of the pendulum mass are exported to MATLAB workspace and plotted accordingly with timer object. Video shown is accelerated version of 40seconds duration.

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