Modified Mint Box Torch

Take out parts of a faulty torch light and give it a second life in a mint box!

Recovered a torch with leaking batteries. Metal contacts of torch is badly rusted and the battery holder is slightly corroded. Too lazy to clean away interior of torch body too.

Get an empty mint box and get to work. Most mint boxes are made of soft and thin metal, so no drilling is needed. Just get a nail and punch a hole. To enlarge the hole (for the switch), simple use a nose plier and bore through it.

Wiring is extremely simple. From positive of battery (9v to fit nicely into my chosen box) to one connection of switch, then from the other connection of switch to the LEDs and lastly back to the negative end of the battery! Only trick here is to figure out how to connect to the PCB of the LEDs. This you will have to do some exploring on your own. TIP>> use aligator clips hooked up to a battery and start poking away at the PCB until you the light!

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DIY Cactus Display Tank!

Subject: DIY Cactus Display Tank
1)Fish Tank Stand
2)2X 36W PL lights + eBallast
3)6X clear acrylic sheets(2mm thick, 18X12 inch)
4)8X L-brackets
5)large shiny sheet metal
6)4X hinges

The fish tank stand is laid on its side instead of upright. Reason being the supporting area is more and to reduce the height of the display so that it is only at slightly higher than waist level. I covered up the sides of the stand with black plastic cardboard, with the front two panels hinged to act as a cupboard.

The acrylic sheets are held together by the L-brackets with hotglue. A better method would be to drill holes and use transparent acrylic bolts, but it is too troublesome and costly for me =P.

The lighting fixtures are actually old aquarium light housings, but with the common 15W flourescent tube is switched out. I used a 36w daylight PL tube for each of the lights, arranged transverly across the top of the tank as shown. I find that this arrangment lights up a bigger area, and no additional supporting is needed to fix as compared to placing the lights along the length of the display tank. PL lights require specific ballast to light up, so make sure the correct type is bought and wired up correctly!

***TIP: Use vinegar and newspaper to wipe the acrylic sheets without leaving trail of stains!

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